Playing at Vinoteq

Vinoteq is a  wine bar with a small cellar music venue – and when we say small, we do mean it!

In a non-covid world the cellar would hold c30 people, therefore at the moment it is somewhat less. Having said that, we do still want to hold music events as much as possible.

The stage is ideal for a solo artist or duo and we could get a trio in at a push!


There will be a house PA, drum kit, Piano and even a Vibraphone. This means that artists only need to bring the minimum of equipment.


We won’t insult artists by hassling over the fee. You know what you are worth and we respect that. If this means, though, that the gig isn’t viable for us, then please don’t be offended.


We would like to present all sorts of music from Jazz and Blues to Classical and Avant-Garde with everything in between. So whether you are a guitarist /singer doing some classic tunes, a cocktail pianist or something more out of the ordinary, send us a link to

We would prefer no backing tracks

We are considering some ticketed gigs and also having a ‘tip jar’ to help boost fees. We are happy to talk through options.